Denver’s Brand of Innovation.

If you have flown to Denver, you likely know what DEN is. It is our keystone, the anchor of our community, and the short name of our city, Denver.

This week, at the Rise of the Rest Summit, I had the opportunity to share the awesomeness of Denver, and Colorado with 125 investors and leaders from across the United States. I was asked the question, “What is your startup City’s Brand?”

I thought for a moment, reflected on the feeling of Denver Startup WeekStartup ColoradoTechstarsWomen Who Startup, and on, and on — and quickly whipped, “you already know our brand”. “Have you ever flown to Denver? Visited us? DEN? D. E. N.?”

Almost all, have visited Denver, all along, not knowing, they had the “secret code” to our entrepreneurial ecosystem. DEN. Right there, as a welcome code.

The brand you ask? D. E. N. Denver Entrepreneurs are Nice.

Simple, but powerful. Simple, but unique.

And in today’s world of innovation, Nice Matters. Nice inspires. Nice reaches compromise. Nice is attractive. Nice is respectful. Nice is enjoyable. Nice is equitable. Nice creates value. Nice is fun. And Nice, makes one feel great.

It was said, “People do not often remember what you say, but they always remember, how you made them feel.”

That describes Denver’s entrepreneurs, our startup leaders, our startup community, our support organizations, our investment community, and most of all, our City. Denver entrepreneurs are nice, welcoming, and generous — and not only want to build great companies, but they want to build a great city.

A city that is a magnet for the humbly brilliant, a magnet for those who give more than they take, and a magnet for those who define, the word unpretentious.

DEN, and Denver is Nice.

And Nice, is awesome! It warms the heart and makes the spark of innovation that much brighter.

So the next time you visit Denver, and ride the train into the City from the airport and hear Mayor Michael Hancock say on the speaker, “Welcome to the Mile High City” — Know, that we truly mean it.

Welcome to DEN. Where entrepreneurs, investors, the entrepreneurial community, and City, is just nice!

In today’s world, Nice, Wins.